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Windows A curious network performance reduction noticed by many Windows Vista users of the 2CPU forum that became the talk of Slashdot last week has been identified as having been caused not by DRM, as Slashdot users expected, but by a curious prioritization 'feature' of Vista that's intentionally biased toward Media Player at the expense of network and system resources.
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RE: Here's How Awful Vista Really Is
by grat on Wed 29th Aug 2007 01:02 UTC in reply to "Here's How Awful Vista Really Is"
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I'm seriously beginning to wonder what operating system I have installed on my Windows box. It claims to be Windows Vista Enterprise (32-bit).

I can't duplicate this horrific network slowdown.

I can't spike my CPU through the roof by copying a 700mb ISO image while playing MP3's off my samba server. I don't lose any speed on my (ok, it's "only" 100 mbit, because it's an old dsl router) network connection while playing back MP3's, whether I do so in WMP, FooBar2k, mplayerc, or vlc.

By the way, copying said ISO, I saw spikes to 40%... but the average was closer to 10%.

For stability, I'd rate it as "pretty close" to XP-- not quite the same, but comparable to XP prior to SP1.

For speed, boot time is approximately a minute to login, and about 20-30 seconds until the desktop is fully loaded (with gadgets, aero, and waiting for HD to settle).

I'm not denying there are people who have legitmate problems with Vista. Application support is spotty, and driver support is still lacking, although I've found drivers for all the hardware in my particular system (Current system is Athlon X2 3800+, 2gb memory, GF 7600gt, sata II drives).

There are, however, systems that run Vista just fine.

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