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Windows Robert Love, a famous Linux kernel hacker, has written a blog entry with his thoughs on the recently posted Vista's network slowdown issue and the explanation given by Mark Russinovich: "Unlike DPCs, however, the Linux parallel does not consume nearly half of your CPU. There is no excusable reason why processing IP packets should so damagingly affect the system. Thus, this absolutely abysmal networking performance should be an issue in and of itself, but the Windows developers decided to focus on a secondary effect."
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When Adrian Kingley-Hughes measured transfer (tracing back blog links lead to ), he was using Windows Task Manager. However, as Mark Russinovich showed at TechEd, Windows Task Manager isn't really that good of a tool for measuring these things. While the audience watched, Mark ran a demo using a stress-testing program on Vista. Windows Task Manager showed that task as using nearly no memory and processor time, but was revealed to be nearly completely locking the system in his tool (and in the horribly jerky control while the stress test was running).

I'm not saying the problem's not there -- for all we know, it could be much worse -- but I'd like to see the results tried out on something a little better.

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