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Multimedia, AV "With the release of Windows Vista, using your PC to watch and record TV has become a whole lot easier. Now, for the first time, Windows Media Center comes bundled with Home Premium and Ultimate versions of the standard Desktop operating system. However, Vista is pricey, and its form and function are of course dictated by Microsoft. If you want full control over your Home Theater PC, and don't want to have to pay Microsoft for it, then Linux is a more than capable alternative base for building a system of your own."
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by sloth on Wed 29th Aug 2007 09:33 UTC in reply to "Thanks For The Links"
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Have you tried to Linux port of Xbox Media Center? I don't know the current status of that but once it is complete (and someone adds live-TV support) it will IMO be the only sane choice for an HTPC.

I've used an Xbox with XBMC for the last couple of years and it's just so great! I actually bought an HTPC this winter and tried it with Media Portal, MythTV and Freevo but had to go back to the old Xbox because, IMO, none of those can measure up to XBMC. Of course it doesn't do live-TV but that's not very high up on my priority list anyway.

I tried the Linux port some months ago. Here's my (very short) impression:

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