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Intel "Today's launch of the latest version of Intel's vPro platform is a much bigger deal than you might think, with implications for end users that extend far beyond the enterprise arena at which vPro is initially aimed. The 2007 version of vPro represents the culmination of two of Intel's most ambitious and important plans for the PC platform: the transformation of x86 into a fully virtualizable ISA complete with virtualized I/O, and the first fully-complete implementation of all the parts of Intel's controversial contribution to 'trusted computing' technology, formerly codenamed 'LaGrande' but now called Trusted Execution Technology. Let's take a look at the new vPro and what its new virtualization and 'trusted computing' capabilities mean for ordinary users."
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by judgen on Wed 29th Aug 2007 11:02 UTC
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Now well all be locked into Vista hell, as OSS wont use digital signatures that way. And XP does not support TPM yet and it wont even boot on vPro plattform. Intel shows its true colors, still in bed with microsoft. And i hope they sell alot of systems to keep profits up, but i wont be the one buying them thats for sure even though i dont do illegal things. But if i cant run whatever OS i want and whatever app i want, screw it.

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