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Legal "After years of encouragement from the OpenBSD community for others to use Reyk Floeter's free atheros wireless driver, it seems that the Linux world is finally listening. Unfortunately, they seem to think that they can strip the BSD license right out of it." Update: The issue has been fixed, but sadly, is down, so I cannot give any links just yet.
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RE: But seriously...
by SpasmaticSeacow on Wed 29th Aug 2007 12:54 UTC in reply to "But seriously..."
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Never attribute to malice that which is readily explained by stupidity. In this particular case, the driver had BSD bits and GPL bits in the source and someone removed one of the notices by accident (presumably not realizing where the BSD-only chuck started and ended).

Seeing as how the issue was fixed within a few minutes of it being pointed out, I don't think it's a big deal.

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