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Windows Robert Love, a famous Linux kernel hacker, has written a blog entry with his thoughs on the recently posted Vista's network slowdown issue and the explanation given by Mark Russinovich: "Unlike DPCs, however, the Linux parallel does not consume nearly half of your CPU. There is no excusable reason why processing IP packets should so damagingly affect the system. Thus, this absolutely abysmal networking performance should be an issue in and of itself, but the Windows developers decided to focus on a secondary effect."
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My two cents on this
by Robert Escue on Wed 29th Aug 2007 12:58 UTC
Robert Escue
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Reading the posts on 2CPU you find that several of the people complaining about poor performance (including dloneranger) use motherboards with integrated Gigabit Ethernet controllers. And while the integrated controllers are convenient and save precious PCI slots, most of them are not in the high performance category.

One thing that I know from experience is that drivers and driver settings greatly affect the performance of a NIC, whether it be integrated or a separate card. Zlynx is right in saying that the driver could be the culprit. We had a problem where database exports between a SunFire 4800 and a Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server machines (HP/Compaq DL380's) would take in excess of 30 minutes to complete (and the Gigabit Controllers on a DL380 are a little more powerful than those on your typical PC motherboard). We upgraded the NIC drivers and beefed up the TCP Transmit Descriptors and the same exports completed in 5 minutes. The one thing we noticed is that the updated driver had more tuning options than the older version, particularly the Transmit and Receive Descriptors.

And while there are plenty of people who are trying to paint this as a Microsoft problem, when you are dealing with drivers, my experience has been to update and tweak to see if the performance improves before you start complaining.

It would also be interesting to see whether this performance issue shows up using a quality PCI/PCI-X/PCI Express NIC or is it limited to motherboard integrated NIC's.

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