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Legal "After years of encouragement from the OpenBSD community for others to use Reyk Floeter's free atheros wireless driver, it seems that the Linux world is finally listening. Unfortunately, they seem to think that they can strip the BSD license right out of it." Update: The issue has been fixed, but sadly, is down, so I cannot give any links just yet.
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Flash back to April 2007...
by dcbw on Wed 29th Aug 2007 13:05 UTC
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An OpenBSD developer committed a lot of Broadcom 43xx code to OpenBSD CVS in April and stripped _out_ the GPLv2, under which the bcm43xx driver was exclusively licensed. Ostensibly this was a "mistake" as the developer was going to "rewrite" the driver, but chose to replace the license first.

In the current case, the code was _dual_ licensed, which allows you to _choose_ what license to use the code under.

So people should listen very closely to Theo de Raadt to see what an ass he is, and if he gets hypocritical at all and brings up the bcm43xx stuff. And if he does, call him on it.

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