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Editorial I hear often that when something new appears that "competition is good". The primary reasons competition is seen as good, are: it drives down prices; it gives consumers more choice; it pushes technology forward, quicker. Competition is not good because: competition is why consumers have to choose between HD-DVD and BluRay; competition is why DRM exists; and more. In this article, each of the supposed benefits of competition will be looked at in more detail.
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by kaiwai on Thu 30th Aug 2007 13:58 UTC
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I read the article, and in all due respects, you simply don't have a clue.

Lower quality? I certainly don't see that. If there is lower quality its due to idiots purchasing the same junk from the same vendors over and over again. Heck, Gateway and Packard Bell, the two biggest con artists of the IT world - recycling remanufactured parts in new products and are still gettign idiots to purchase their products. Everytime I hear of a customer go "ooh, I bought myself a gateway" I truly want to slap them silly - obviously they've learned *NOTHING*.

Competition is a two way street. If the customer is damn clueless about products then competition plain well doesn't work. If customers act like vulnerable idiots when purchasing computer equipment rather than informed consumers, of course you'll have non-reputable companies staying in business by virtue of simply having a good marketing budget.

Competition in standards, its great - who can implement the standard in the best possible way. The whole thing falls to pieces, however, when you have roaches like fraunhofer who demand royalty payments for mp3 technology that is under an open ISO standard. That is when things fall over.

If patents weren't there, and technologies were freely open to implement and people to compete, there would be a level playing field and everyone would be able to compete. The simple fact is, its patents which hold back competition which could challenge the status quo.

Regarding DRM - the issue is this Almafeta, DRM is used by the established companies to crush competition and new forms of distribution. The very idea that an artist could possibly record their own music, distribute it themselves thus bypassing the establishment, quite frankly, scares the living crap out of them. Gone of the days where they can leech the artist for money.

It would also force artist to actually produce good music; gone of the day where talentless hacks hide behind the scenes and leech off the collective success of the company. They're on there own, they either sink or swim. The internet levels that playing field. I can assure you that if the britney spears of the world had to compete in such an environment, she would be back serving chocolate thick shakes at McDonalds by lunch time.

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