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Apple AT&T and Apple may face an uphill battle prosecuting hackers who untether the iPhone from the AT&T wireless network, says BusinessWeek. While in USA legal problems might arise, in Canada the scene is alive and well. We received word that PureMobile will offer unlocked iPhones to its customers, and will soon be hosting a competition to give some away for free.
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by Dark_Knight on Thu 30th Aug 2007 14:46 UTC in reply to "Confused"
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The legislaton doesn't force wireless carriers to provide lock codes for the manufacturer hardware sold on their network. What it does is allow the customer the option to legally use a third party solution to unlock the phone. Sort of like up here in Canada where wireless carriers Rogers, Fido, Telus and Bell all lock the hardware to their network. They can't stop customers from paying third parties to unlock the customer's hardware because even on a term commitment the customer now owns the hardware. It's not leased hardware so neither the carrier or the manufacturer can stop you.

By the way manufacturers sell the phones to carriers unlocked. It's the carrier that's entering a lock code and reason why it's difficult getting lock codes for new released phones. The reason being there's no law either in Canada or the USA to force wireless carriers to provide customers with the lock code. The laws in both countries in this regard need to change to force companies to at least provide the lock code for a fee or after a certain time length (ie: when your term expires).

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