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Linspire In a short story with a happy ending, the developer of a free version of Linspire called Freespire has agreed to change the name of his project, and Linspire is offering free copies of Linspire Linux for a few days. Freespire, which first popped up on Distrowatch last week, described itself as a free variant of Linspire Linux, with proprietary components and trademarks removed.
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RE: who are this people
by zombie process on Fri 2nd Sep 2005 13:30 UTC in reply to "who are this people"
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Because bittorrent, in general, sucks dog balls . It was a great idea, but it's also a real life example of how incredibly greedy nearly everyone is. How many torrents have you gone to download where there are 50+ peers, and 6 seeds w/ 32+ leaches? Most ISOs I download come *much faster* from a single throttled connection than any torrent site I see them listed on.

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