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Editorial I hear often that when something new appears that "competition is good". The primary reasons competition is seen as good, are: it drives down prices; it gives consumers more choice; it pushes technology forward, quicker. Competition is not good because: competition is why consumers have to choose between HD-DVD and BluRay; competition is why DRM exists; and more. In this article, each of the supposed benefits of competition will be looked at in more detail.
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Mis identified the market
by bnolsen on Thu 30th Aug 2007 15:09 UTC
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The guy entirely mis identifies the market.

This isn't a big black hole where only Blu-ray and HD-DVD exist.

There's a perfectly viable competitor out there: DVD. And with players under $40 it's spanking both of these two.

Additionally a serious question needs to be asked. Do people watch movies exclusively because they are in Hi-Def or do they actually want to watch a good movie? Does paying over $200 for a brand new player and $5 to $10 more for a movie make the movie any better?

I really seriously believe the media companies were looking for some way to try to boost profits and came up with yet another optical format.

At this point my prediction is that HD-DVD and Blu-ray will be pretty much dead in the water until a tri format player (blu-ray/HD-DVD/DVD) is released price competitive with current DVD player prices. I just don't see any of the media houses making killer profits on the new hi-def foramts that they'd hoped for.

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