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Editorial I hear often that when something new appears that "competition is good". The primary reasons competition is seen as good, are: it drives down prices; it gives consumers more choice; it pushes technology forward, quicker. Competition is not good because: competition is why consumers have to choose between HD-DVD and BluRay; competition is why DRM exists; and more. In this article, each of the supposed benefits of competition will be looked at in more detail.
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We have had engine designs for decades [Department of Energy commissioned more than one project of Turbine Engine Design contests] that meet a minimum of 80 MPG.

What's the overall efficiency of the average automotive engine these days? When I was in school, 30 years ago, about 50% of energy from combustion went out the exhaust pipe. 20% was radiated by the cooling system. 5% went to mechanical friction. Leaving only 25% of the energy of combustion to actually deal with the mechanical friction of the car itself, and the wind resistance that so dominates once you get above about 50 mph or so.

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