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FreeBSD "Welcome to the home page of the finstall project, accepted for Google's Summer of Code 2007. This project aims to create a user-friendly graphical installer for FreeBSD & FreeBSD-derived systems. The project should yield something usable for 7.0-RELEASE, but the intention is to keep it as a "second" installer system during 7.x, alongside sysinstall. In any case, sysinstall will be kept for architectures not supported by finstall (e.g. all except i386 and amd64)." A first version has been released.
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/ on ZFS
by vermaden on Fri 31st Aug 2007 11:37 UTC
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It is even now possible to use ZFS on / file system [1] in FreeBSD, you only need small [128mb] UFS2 /boot partition for kernel and boot process.

This installer should give such an option in install process, along with graid3/graid5 setups mirror/stripe and all other FS combinations.

Packages can be added later but this is critical for a installer to provide such options.


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