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Editorial This article is an answer to "Competition Is Not Good" by Kroc and reading it wouldn't be comfortable without switching to and from the original article. I wrote it just because I do strongly disagree with Kroc and I believe I can prove that he is not as close to truth as it may seem from the first glance.
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I'm opting for the combination of wrong AND insane.
I can still remember when the Wall came crashing down and the feeling of ecstasy when the communist regimes fell one by one.

I know their position, and do study them on daily basis. But it still puts me in a bad mood.

Personally it's my opinion that a truly free market is the way to go. This means that there cannot be legal mechanisms to prevent competition (so, no protection of de facto monopolies, no patents for an instance) - only legal mechanism to prevent illegal use of force.

Regulating the forces of the market is equal to regulating the forces of nature. One is messing with powers greater than oneself and it is going to unsettle the balance and create havoc.

EDIT: I don't even think there should be anything like copyright - at most one can demand a proper attribution.

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