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FreeBSD The latest issue of the FreeBSD newsletter contains a letter from the Vice President of the FreeBSD Foundation about the GPLv3. "On June 29th, the Free Software Foundation unveiled version 3 of the GNU General Public license. Even though the majority of software included in the FreeBSD distribution is not covered by any version of the GPL, our community cannot ignore this very popular license or its most recent incarnation. Through extremely successful evangelization, and the popularity of Linux, the misconception that OpenSource and the GPL are synonymous has become pervasive."
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RE[4]: Elmer FUD
by ulib on Sat 1st Sep 2007 09:07 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Elmer FUD"
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And how far did you have to dig to bury your head in the sand to ignore the Microsoft's monopoly?

Microsoft monopoly is one reason why one would expect people to try to make the market *more* free.

Instead, I see just the opposite: people bitching against free market, calling voluntary trade "enslavement", and calling the removal of choice "freedom".

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