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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "We will shed more light on the whole Apple versus x86 PC, IBM G5 versus Intel CPU discussion by showing you what the G5 is capable of when running Linux. This gives us insight on the strength and weakness of Mac OS X, as we compare Linux and Mac OS X on the same machine."
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It shows Apples focus
by whartung on Fri 2nd Sep 2005 16:52 UTC
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As has been mentioned, for a single user, Mac OS X isn't too bad, and as a single user machine is how Apple has focused on Mac OS X.

Seriously, there's isn't a Soccer Mom out there that's going to buy one of these things because of its threading performance, but rather the entire user experience.

So, this is where Apple has put their focus.

As Apple tries to get out of the Dens of America and into the corporate back office, they will have to focus more upon this kind of base OS infrastructure, but that will be a tough fight against the Linux and Solaris boxes fighting for the space. A Mac OS X MySQL client will run against a Linux box quite handily.

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