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X11, Window Managers "Scheduled for release tomorrow is X.Org 7.3. Among the new features for X.Org 7.3 include the Xorg server 1.4, an application for adjusting a display's backlight, updated display drivers, and support for font catalog directories. Version 1.4 of the X.Org server contains such features as RandR 1.2 support, input hot-plugging, KDrive enhancements, Solaris DTrace support, and EXA improvements. In this article today, we will briefly go over some of the changes found in X.Org 7.3 and we will follow up with some benchmarks in early September."
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Gullible Jones
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Some ability to adjust color temperature would be useful on a lot of LCD monitors, particularly laptop displays with no buttons for changing hardware settings. XiG's proprietary X server let you adjust gamma with its Xsetup utility; maybe X.Org could introduce an "ColorTemp" line (or such) to xorg.conf, to fulfill the same purpose.

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