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OS/2 and eComStation The second release candidate of eComStation 2.0 has been released. "This is the sixth public beta release of eComStation 2.0. This product is available for download to all registered eCS customers with active Software Subscription Services (see this explanation). This version of eComStation 2.0 is the second Release Candidate, no big changes or additions will be added before the GA version, it mainly consists of updates to drivers and installation scripts."
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eCS comes with Odin...
by rcsteiner on Sun 2nd Sep 2007 18:48 UTC
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...but Odin is limited to only running certain programs. I use it under Warp 4 to run Palm Desktop, Adobe Acrobat, and IrfanView, but there are many programs I've tried to run which fail.

I do think an NTFS driver is included in eCS, but I'm not sure.

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