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BeOS & Derivatives Two interesting bits of news from the Haiku front. First, Haiku now has basic support for FireWire, thanks to GSOC student JiSheng Zhang. You cannot connect a FireWire hard drive just yet, though. Second, Russian BeOS hacker Troeglazov Gerasim has ported Samba 3.10 to Haiku, so you can now browse your Windows shares in Haiku, as well as share files through Samba in Haiku. IsComputerOn has the details, as well as some screenshots.
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RE[2]: Haiku under heavy load
by koki on Mon 3rd Sep 2007 18:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Haiku under heavy load"
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I wonder if you can do the same using "just about any other OS without batting an eye lid" on the same hardware. I could not.

When I tried Ubuntu Studio (which uses a low latency Linux kernel) on the same hardware that I ran that Haiku demo on the video, by the third instance of the video the mouse became jumpy and the sound started stuttering, and by the fourth instance the mouse stopped responding and would not even move, the sound and video came to a halt, the hard disk started churning like crazy, and all I could, short of doing a hard reset, was try to force a log off by restarting X, which did work but took several minutes.

I also use Windows XP regularly (on a different machine with double the amount of RAM), and I find myself having to wait for the system or an app to respond even the OS is not under heavy load. I will not talk about Vista, which I tried and uninstalled immediately as it was slow as molasses even with no apps running.

The point is that Haiku (like BeOS was in its days) aims and is designed to be more responsive than other OSes on the same (low-end) hardware. Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. ;)

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