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Window Managers The last release candidate for Ion3 has been released. "This release features a few minor fixes. If no major problems are discovered, this is likely to be the last 'rc' release before the first and hopefully final 'stable' release." Ion is a tiling tabbed window manager designed with keyboard users in mind.
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used once...
by ideasman42 on Mon 3rd Sep 2007 22:33 UTC
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Quite a few apps have their own non overlapping windows, I use 2 - eclipse and blender3d.

I tried ion for a while and was disappointed it didnt allow dealing with window tiling options with the mouse.
Splitting/Joining etc

Of course with the keyboard if faster.... whatever, but Im used to being able to do this with a mouse in other apps and Im sure they could provide both.

The biggest problem I had was that ion's default key configuration conflicts with many applications I use. With many Alt+Key shortcuts I use in the gimp and blender. - this can be changed of course, but good defaults are important to addoption.

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