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FreeBSD Matt Dillon has announced that the next release of DragonFly BSD will use NetBSD's pkgsrc as its official package management system, instead of "dfports" (FreeBSD's Ports with DragonFly overrides), which had already been abandoned by developers in favour of pkgsrc over the last few months. pkgsrc is a portable package management system, developed by NetBSD, and supports DragonFly officially since October 2004.
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RE: [OT] DragonFlyBSD in general
by Lazarus on Fri 2nd Sep 2005 20:19 UTC in reply to "[OT] DragonFlyBSD in general"
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Disclaimer, I'm a DragonFly fan, and have not been at all impressed with any release of 5.x (especially since 5.4 and 6.0 Betas don't run on my hardware ;^) but it really is too early to tell. They both have strengths and weaknesses.

They are both works in progress, despite what people in the FreeBSD camp will say about 6.0. I would love to see some serious performance benchmarks between the two, as useless as such things seem to be IRL.

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