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BeOS & Derivatives Two interesting bits of news from the Haiku front. First, Haiku now has basic support for FireWire, thanks to GSOC student JiSheng Zhang. You cannot connect a FireWire hard drive just yet, though. Second, Russian BeOS hacker Troeglazov Gerasim has ported Samba 3.10 to Haiku, so you can now browse your Windows shares in Haiku, as well as share files through Samba in Haiku. IsComputerOn has the details, as well as some screenshots.
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RE[6]: Haiku under heavy load
by koki on Tue 4th Sep 2007 17:36 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Haiku under heavy load"
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I suspect that OSX would crawl with 512MB, like Ubuntu did in my case. I cannot prove it, though, as I don't have a MAC. ;)

One thing to also keep in mind is that Haiku is still un-optimized pre-alpha code; a new and hopefully better scheduler is being worked on (GSoC project), and many other components will most likely be optimized, so it looks like there is still room for improvement.

Anyway, OS X is a really cool system, and if it works nicely for you, that's a cool thing too. ;)

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