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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Sun seeks to apply the lessons of Linux and turn open source Solaris into an operating system to rival Linux and to be as commonly used as Java. Sun Microsystems has ambitious plans for the commercial and open-source versions of its Solaris operating system, hoping to achieve for Solaris the kind of ubiquity already enjoyed by Java. In addition, Sun released Update 4 for Solaris 10 (also called Solaris 08/07), introducing a major enhancement in its OS virtualization technology called Solaris Containers.
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Its mainly a kernel switch
by ideasman42 on Tue 4th Sep 2007 20:29 UTC
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From my perspective as a linux desktop user, it wont make much difference.

Either my apps run on a linux kernel or a solaris kernel. but they will be the same apps, same window manager, same X11... etc.

So either way it wont make all that much difference,
As to weather I use OpenSolaris, thats like choosing a distribution.

However unless there is a really good reason to change I wouldnt, Iv got a few binary only apps and my hardware config works great on linux, so there is no pressing reason to change,
Im also not going to use the enterprise focused stuff Solaris has to offer. like virtualization, zfs. etc.

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