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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.4 RC1 has been released. "After a month of refinement, the PC-BSD team is pleased to make available the 1.4RC release. This update addresses many of the reported bugs from 1.4BETA, as well as adding working i18n support for international languages. PC-BSD 1.4RC can be downloaded via our mirrors or via Torrent on the 1.4 download page."
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System and KDE i18n issues
by Doc Pain on Tue 4th Sep 2007 22:35 UTC
Doc Pain
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In the 1.3 times, PC-BSD had some language issues. This is what pissed many "lower educated" german users off: They assumed to have a german system installed, but error messages were presented in english. Some PBIs installed afterwards did not provide a german GUI interface. I think this problem is because of KDE. Furthermore, in Germany ISO-8859-1 is needed to be set, PC-BSD sets UTF-8... As long as you rely on KDE, german language works in most (but sadly not all) cases. But text mode and non-KDE applications do not work as assumed. (NB: Text mode is needed on some cases for maintenance operations and troubleshooting.)

I hope 1.4 will provide a better support for german language. The german translations are very sloppy and cannot compete with an english system - which I prefer, allthough german is my native language, but I cannot stand the bad or not existing translations. I'll still have a look at it.

Not having everything (!) in german as the native language is what makes newbies (and users who want to abandon expensive MICROS~1 products) to come back to their "good XP". Allthough, as we all know, users do not want to read, recognizing error messages and their content is important.

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