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RISC OS Simon Wilson has released the first public version of his 3D graphics driver for Iyonix users. The software library, ported from BeOS and compatible with the popular OpenGL interface, employs the Nvidia PCI graphics card used in the XScale powered Iyonix. OpenGL based applications built with Simon's port should enjoy hardware accelerated graphics, thanks to the modest GeForece 2 MX card which, until now, has been left unutilised under RISC OS.
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Earl Colby pottinger
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I have to agree. The terms 'porting' and 'updating' hardly touch the amount of work Rudolf has done. He has added more additional working features than existed in the original code and fixed a lot of non-working features of the original code itself.

Yes, it is quite right to point out the base code that got Rudolf started came from outside BeOS itself. Most of my own code would not get written if I was not standing on the shoulders of programmers who came before me.

On the otherhand maybe that is exactly what you meant in the first place. English is full of verbal bobby-traps. ;)

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