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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless sent us in one of the most down-to-earth, powerful and yet no frills, smartphone Nokia ever released, the 6120 Classic. Read on for our review of the SymbianOS S60 v3.1-based smartphone.
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This phone is impressive
by SmallPotato on Wed 5th Sep 2007 12:57 UTC
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I have been using this phone for more than a month. Very impressive. The camera is a bit below average, but everything else is nearly perfect. Slim, fast, HSDPA is real fast, voice quality is top-notch, screen is beautiful, and it is stable, no hangs/reboots/whatever.

The only problem is that when I play H264/AAC movies on it at higher frame rates (25fps), it skips. At 20 or 15 fps, it is OK. Somebody on the net says this is because the phone, unlike N73, does not do hardware AAC decoding. I don't know if this is real.

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