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KDE Ars takes a look at KDE 4.0 Beta 2, and concludes: "This beta may not be the end result yet, but there has definitely been a lot of progress since the last one. For the first time I have been able to stop writing about individual features within KDE 4 and start to talk about the level of integration, and general feel of the system to get an impression of how KDE 4.0 will feel like to use."
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RE[6]: Visual style
by steogede2 on Wed 5th Sep 2007 15:14 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Visual style"
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>> I thought the KDE 3.5 save dialog was perfect. The KDE4 dialog is thus pretty close as well, though I really hate replacing the address bar with breadcrumbs (that what it's called?). An address bar one can type in enables one to do stuff like "locate: mp3" to use the locate ioslave to display all folders on all drives whose name includes "mp3".

The breadcrumb itself doesn't allow to type say "locate: mp3", however, if it is anything like Windows Vista's and Gnome's/Nautilus' there will be a there will be a button you can click on to change it into an address bar.

>> What does the breadcrumb bar allow? Clicking on a parent directory? That's what the "up" button is for. Removing the ability to type in the directory one wishes to save to, and replacing it with a new clutter of buttons (one for each level of the directory tree) looks naff and brings no great advantage I can see (though others may).

The advantage of a bread crumb is that you can navigate a complex tree quickly without needing to take your hand off the mouse - much like a tree view, but more concise. You can navigate up a number of branches up the tree in one click - additionally the crumbs often have dropdowns so you can choose an any sub-directory of any parent directory in two clicks.

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