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SuSE, openSUSE Novell Inc.'s SuSE Linux Professional 9.3 desktop gives not only other leading Linux desktop distributions a run for their money, but also enterprise desktops. Review is at eWEEK.
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Re:Overpriced mediocrity
by netpython on Wed 6th Jul 2005 13:18 UTC
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I bought this package and ended up replacing it with FC4 on one of the systems I'd installed it on after a couple of weeks. I find it as mediocre as SUSE's distros usually are.

Well i have tried FC4 x86_64 and wasn't impressed.SuSE is with Mandriva one of the very few who support x86_64 from the beginning and do this exellent.What's important for me in a distro is the amount of update servers and their downtime.What i think is mediocre is having to find some update servers first and than having to edit a config file in order to get some performance when updating.Both Debian and SuSE handle updates superbly.

there is no APT-type program so that you can download the missing packages from SUSE's FTP sites.

You can add directories who contain directory.yast source.For eg: to add the abillity of playing encrypted DVD's in SuSE you could add an extra installation source with Yast.In this case a website:

There's apt for SuSE,an exellent website:
Once installed you have besides Yast also apt to install applications.

These packages include Eclipse and XFce (although that's an out of date edition, so it doesn't matter so much), Objective C, Fortran, Java 5 and PostgreSQL.

Eclipse is automagically installed if you mark {java}
during the preselection.You can simply and comfortably select all the other packages you mentioned.

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