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Microsoft "Microsoft today released to the web Silverlight 1.0, a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering richer user experiences on the Web. In addition, Microsoft will work with Novell to deliver Silverlight support for Linux, called Moonlight, and based on the project started on"
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Every Time
by jboss1995 on Wed 5th Sep 2007 19:21 UTC
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Every time I see MS supporting some one else I get nervice. MS always has an agenda. Almost everyone who gets in bed with them has awoke the next morning with HIV.
It may be that MS has seen that Adobe flash has put other OS on a equal playing ground as far as the browsers compatibility with video. Along comes Silverlight takes over as the web media of choice, then drops Linux support or it lacks features and is slow, crashing all the time. Now Linux plays catch up because most web sites have moved to Silverlight. It may not kill Linux but They don't expect to win in one battle just slow the enemy down. Yes there may be holes in this scenario but the point is not if you can poke holes in this scenario. The point is when have you ever seen MS help out of the goodness of their hart.

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