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Open Development framework, please!
by midoriconcept on Wed 5th Sep 2007 21:12 UTC
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The iPod touch is cool, kind of expensive... but essentialy an iPhone with no phone.
Without an open dev platform is sort of very limited gadget.
WiFi is not everywhere, so what are we supposed to do with Ajax/javascript only apps?

With an open platform it could have been THE killer device.
A sort of Newton (sigh).
But for now is just a cool, stylish gadget...

I know, the modding community..
Ok. this is not the way it should be. Modding is fun, but can you imagine having the possibility to develop easily ANY application for a device that actually have good cpu, a unix like OS, touch screen, without having to invent any kind of workaround ?

So sad, I will keep using my functional, sad, boring iPaq.

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