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NetBSD The NetBSD Release Engineering Team announced the release of NetBSD 4.0 RC1 today. The release candidate is directly available from the project's FTP server. A list of significant changes and features can be found here. "The NetBSD4.0 release provides numerous significant functional enhancements, including support for many new devices, integration of hundreds of bug fixes, new and updated kernel subsystems, and many user-land enhancements. The result of these improvements is a stable operating system fit for production use that rivals most commercially available systems."
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RE[4]: NetBSD vs. FreeBSD
by dindin on Thu 6th Sep 2007 13:51 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: NetBSD vs. FreeBSD"
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The problem I have is running the Cisco IPSec application (from Cisco) that sets up the secure communication. After that I can run vpnc to establish a link. Cisco provides a proprietary software thats available for Linux bou not for *BSD.


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