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Apple "In horror honor of yesterday's announcement of the newly-designed third-generation iPod nano, we here at Infinite Loop have taken some time to look back at the last 10 years of Apple product design in order to get some perspective on just how hideous the new Apple audio player is (to some of us). This list isn't to say that some of these Apple monstrosities don't have a special place in our heart, though."
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RE[2]: I don't get this
by SilentStorm on Fri 7th Sep 2007 06:41 UTC in reply to "RE: I don't get this"
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To be honest, the only apple product I own is a 2nd gen. iPod nano (8gb). So let's look to reasons why did I bought it:

-It was the smallest 8GB mp3 player at the time I was shopping and 8GB sansa was coming to same price with it.

-I like the way that ipod organizes music in it and I can sync it with linux.

-Since I'm listening to music ~8 hours a day, carrying a cell phone to everywhere is not an option and; I don't like combination devices (I own a very basic phone, a full fledged PDA and a MP3 player and I generally carry a messenger bag)

-I wanted a device to last with good build quality so iPod had a +1 on it too (I like metal over plastics)

So What's the result with it? I've paid a fair amount of money to apple to own it but, I like the interface, it's easy to use, it sounds good enough (sometimes I miss my Type-S MD player though), it's very small, I recharge it once a week, use with linux (I don't use windows for anything) and it just blends in my life.

I think my next mp3 player will be an iPod too but I'll not buy a new one until mine dies because of battery suffering or electronic problems.

If sony released their latest devices before AND if I could use them with linux, I'd buy one of these beacuse of the sound quality but, they've lost me (only in portable music arena) because of the syncing problem.

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