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KDE "The KDE Release Team has revised the release schedule for KDE 4.0. The first visible bits of KDE 4.0 will be the KDE Development Platform release on October, 30. This Development Platform release consists of bits and pieces needed to develop KDE applications. It includes kdesupport, kdelibs, kdepimlibs and kdebase/runtime. The purpose of the KDE Development Platform release is to make it easier for third party developers to port their applications to KDE4 technology and to start developing new applications. The final and long awaited release of the KDE Desktop 4.0 is planned for December, 11th 2007, well in time to be a Christmas present for everyone who has been longing for KDE 4.0."
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KDE 4 - some impressions
by michi on Fri 7th Sep 2007 18:28 UTC
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I compile KDE 4 from svn once a week or so and I have to say it got quite useable lately. I really like the Oxygen Style. It is not finished, but it already looks quite good and everything looks very clean. I also like the new Oxygen icons. kwin includes a composition manager now. kwin always was my favorite window manager. It just works and feels right. kwin now includes many of the effects known from compiz/beryl and they work quite well. The new plasma taskbar looks quite good, but it still lacks lots of features. Applications like kwrite/kate and konsole are already quite stable and look more clean then the KDE3.5 versions. Konqueror used to be quite stable, but at the moment it crashes after some seconds, but I am sure that this will be fixed soon. In the beginning KDE developers mostly worked on the libraries/frameworks and there wasn't much to see, but that slowly changes and you now can already get a good idea how KDE 4 will look when it is released.

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