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AMD The news already got out yesterday, but now it's official: AMD will open the specifications to its graphics chips. "AMD announced on Sept. 7 a major strategic change in open-source graphic processors support. The company announced it would provide open-source information and a development package supporting the ATI RadeonHD 2000 series ATI Radeon X1000 series of graphics processing units on Linux desktops." The new information is that AMD will partner with Novell's SUSE team.
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RE: What about games?
by WarpKat on Fri 7th Sep 2007 21:52 UTC in reply to "What about games?"
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"Doesn't this portend a great opportunity for new, exciting 3D games on Linux? Y'all are all work and no play. I can't believe nobody mentioned this yet! That alone will provide a boost to the desktop market."

I whole-heartedly agree. One of the biggest selling points of Windows for people who are into it is the fact that games and games development is much easier on Windows due to the common interfaces and unobstructed support of the hardware on this platform. Having the same on other OS' with OpenGL will now open the doors for more games to come out for it and without much fuss so far as the system itself will support it, not to mention the potential for true cross-platform development.

What works on one should work on the other with minimal changes or adaptations.

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