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KDE "The KDE Release Team has revised the release schedule for KDE 4.0. The first visible bits of KDE 4.0 will be the KDE Development Platform release on October, 30. This Development Platform release consists of bits and pieces needed to develop KDE applications. It includes kdesupport, kdelibs, kdepimlibs and kdebase/runtime. The purpose of the KDE Development Platform release is to make it easier for third party developers to port their applications to KDE4 technology and to start developing new applications. The final and long awaited release of the KDE Desktop 4.0 is planned for December, 11th 2007, well in time to be a Christmas present for everyone who has been longing for KDE 4.0."
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by quenturi on Fri 7th Sep 2007 23:42 UTC in reply to "KDE4"
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When it comes to the way the widgets looks (which is QT related really) they need to make the corners and edges of the controls thinner, more elegant and more professional. Here are a few examples of professional widgets: the UI controls in XP or the widgets in the Windows classic look, another example: GNU Step/Window Maker. The way the widgets look in Window maker is another example of "professional" business-like look. Until they achieve all this, KDE will always be "dull" for me. Now you can vote me down all you want just like last time because your disagree with me and the facts.

Also here is a ridiculously stupid unprofessional look. Compare this with the way even Office 97 Word looks like or Star Office 5.2 word document. Look at the ridiculously oversized bold, italic, underline buttons and the size of the icons, 100% dull, unprofessional look especially when compared to the rest of the office suites where the toolbar buttons are nice and neat. Unfortunately the rest of KDE is like that. The over all look of KDE's widgets is oversized. The buttons are too big, the combo boxes are too high/toll. For a dialog of a 3/4 controls, a "considerably large" portion of the screen will be occupied.

I agree with most of your observations. Kde does not look professional yet.
The fact it's a desktop and offers to users a bunch of possibilities to modify more or less everything might be part of the problem.
Another side of the problem is the HIG. AFAIK there is no clear HIG for kde 4 right now which is kinda weird imho (if I'm wrong please point me to the kde 4 hig I'll be glad to read it).

Hopefully, that will be fixed. Some day.

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