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X11, Window Managers 7.3 was released earlier today, but because the website was unreachable, we bring you this news a bit late. 7.3 includes RandR 1.2, input hotplug (both enable hotplugging of devices), improvements in KDrive, DTrace support, and more.
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Can someone please show me the trolling remark? Cause it seems to me you don't get humour...

Lower the viewing threshold and you'll see it (probably sitting at -5) - its not funny, its pathetic. I love a bit of humour that tickles my funny bone and takes the piss, but it wasn't even funny in the romotest sense.

Heck, I love weird and worderful things like "Trigger Happy TV" and the likes, and it doesn't even sit in that realm of weirdness. It was a pathetic troll, plain and simple. Accusing contributors of being anti-linux and dishonest, its pathetic.

Maybe he would be good for a guest on David Letterman to suit his line up of non-humourous antics which are so painful to watch they would make you eyes and ears bleed.

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