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BeOS & Derivatives "The primary intention of my previous article was to make it very clear why and when locking is needed in multithreaded applications. In this article, I want to present my experiences in writing a new prototype for a replacement of the document model in WonderBrush and how it is manipulated and rendered asynchronously."
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It does depend on the available API to a certain degree. Writing multithreaded applications using the BeOS api is certainly less painful then writing them using the Win32 API.

And using a transactional memory library writing low level/high performance multithreaded code can be almost bearable.

But for example implementing message passing is much more pleasant in a language that has support for pattern matching. And generally writing multithreaded code requires good support for immutable data structures.

A garbage collector is also immensely helpful for message passing. C++ has neither of those, so it is just a bad choice for multithreaded applications.

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