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AMD The news already got out yesterday, but now it's official: AMD will open the specifications to its graphics chips. "AMD announced on Sept. 7 a major strategic change in open-source graphic processors support. The company announced it would provide open-source information and a development package supporting the ATI RadeonHD 2000 series ATI Radeon X1000 series of graphics processing units on Linux desktops." The new information is that AMD will partner with Novell's SUSE team.
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Does anyone know if this will also include the ATI TV Tuner chips from the All In Wonder series.

I'm on the other side of your statement. I'm a few months away from a major system upgrade and until now had been set on the idea of nVidia/Hauppage for my gaming 3D and tv tuner functions.

I've been an ATI customer since my first system build and humble first generation ATI All In Wonder and it was the piss poor drivers that convinced me to consider another brand of video card. Under Windows, the ATI provided drivers and media software are just plain broken (driver updates break the media software, cleanly installed media software freezes regularily). Between the "fully functional" ATI provided Linux kernel mod and community developmed "minimally functional" kernel mod, the community driver is far better and more stable (ATI's mod won't give me a frame rate remotely close to basic 2D use).

I'm still planning for nVidia 3D and hauppage tv tuner on the new rig since ATI just doesn't have somethign like the 8800 board right now. If ATI manages to help the community develop a stable and fully functional driver with TV tuner support *and* get something close to the 8800 on the market then it'll again be a fair fight for my business. More realisticaly, my hope is that this drives nVidia to release complete driver interface specs since Hauppage has a long history of working cleanly under Linux.

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