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BeOS & Derivatives "As the development of Haiku keeps making noticeable strides, there seems to be no plan to include a direct replacement for the integrated development environment BeIDE that was bundled with BeOS. I have read here and there from a couple of BeOS developers about their intentions to develop such an IDE for Haiku, but nothing has trickled down so far in terms of code or binaries. Well, that's not the case anymore."
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> Koki is the guy who at one point asked ”Can I use
> the trademarked Haiku artwork?“, Haiku Inc.’s
> answer was No, and Koki replied „How can you say
> no? I asked and when I ask you have to say yes.“
> (paraphrased)

Are you paraphrasing or oversimplifying? ;)

I suppose you are referring to the recent request to distribute promotional material using the Haiku marks at the FalterCon event. To set the record straight, Haiku did give permission to use the marks on a printed flyer, but did not want us to distribute CDs. What I told Haiku in that instance was that their response specifically relative to the CDs contradicted their own guidelines (published on the Haiku website). In case you want to get the facts straight, this is summarized here:

I make a conscious effort to respect other people's property, including Haiku's. As living proof of that, I have been creating some promotional material for Haiku using their marks with their express permission (I send it to the admins for review/approval before release).

> But Genestation is not even close to being ported
> to Haiku and making this a Haiku article and
> not a Zeta article is misleading.

I intentionally wrote about GenesTation in the context of Haiku, because that's what interests me and because ZETA has no viable future (IMHO, of course). In the general topic of IDEs for Haiku, GenesTation is the only IDE that does exist today and whose author has committed to making it work for Haiku in the future. The title and summary simply reflect that.

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