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General Development Recently, Free Pascal (FPC) version 2.2.0 was released. This open source Pascal compiler has - since its initial release in 1993 - grown to be one of the most sophisticated open source compilers available today. Daily, more programmers discover FPC and develop their applications in Object Pascal. Specifically, the development of Lazarus has contributed to this phenomenon: Lazarus is a graphical open source IDE for FPC, with an extensive tool kit to design graphical (GUI) applications.
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Jesus christ. We are talking about ONE function to handle resize... "Textbox1.Width = ParentDialog.Width - 540; Textbox2.Left = ParentDialog..Width - 1060;" etc. Seriously. You java/.NET folks need to get your head out of your ass... System.devices.cdRecorders.burnISO.FromFile(...) (or whatever the f--k that does all the work for you) does not make you a good programmer. And we aren't even talking about something complex like burning an ISO. We are talking ONE TO TWO LINES OF CODE IN THE ONRESIZE FOR EACH WIDGET YOU NEED TO HANDLE. And they aren't even functions! Simple value assignment. Loser

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