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AMD "This morning at the X Developer Summit in the United Kingdom, Matthew Tippett and John Bridgman of AMD have announced that they will be releasing their ATI GPU specifications without any Non-Disclosure Agreements needed by the developers! In other words, their GPU specifications will be given to developers in the open. Therefore you shouldn't need to worry about another R200 incident taking place. The 2D specifications will be released very soon and the 3D ones will follow shortly."
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RE: Nice....
by kaiwai on Tue 11th Sep 2007 02:36 UTC in reply to "Nice...."
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Shouldn't be any problems with the free software world now, as long as they don't drag their feet with the 3D specs.

Well, there lies the problem. The R300 was meant to receive the 'full specifications' and every time the developers asked for more assistance and explanation, all they got in return from AMD was 'you've got it all, piss off and stop whining'.

For me, I'm not going to believe it till I see a real working product that is either equal or better than the closed source one. If I am going to spend NZ$3K on a laptop, I want to be damn sure it'll actually be fully supported rather than 'kinda supported and really buggy'.

Also, I certainly don't want to see a tonne of Linux'isms within the driver that'll make porting it to *BSD's and other UNIX's more difficult than it needs to be. Open source application developers are already thinking the world revolves around Linux, lets hope that the driver developers have more common-sense than that.

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