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AMD "This morning at the X Developer Summit in the United Kingdom, Matthew Tippett and John Bridgman of AMD have announced that they will be releasing their ATI GPU specifications without any Non-Disclosure Agreements needed by the developers! In other words, their GPU specifications will be given to developers in the open. Therefore you shouldn't need to worry about another R200 incident taking place. The 2D specifications will be released very soon and the 3D ones will follow shortly."
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RE[2]: Nice....
by StaubSaugerNZ on Tue 11th Sep 2007 03:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice...."
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I've also been looking at laptops (available in New Zealand) that are great for software development for around NZ$3k (~US$2100). Check out the HP 8510w if you haven't already. For the longest time this line of models (starting with the nw84x0 series) only had ATI graphics, which sucked on Linux, until now! Good on AMD/ATI! Due to the sucky support of ATI on Linux I was looking around at alternatives to this line of laptop for my next machine. But ATI's announcement means they're back in the running.

By the way, the 8510w is not now restricted to ATI only, you can now choose either NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M or ATI FireL V5600. You can't lose.

Apologies everyone else for the first bit being only weakly related to the thread about the ATI spec release (disclaimer: I don't work for HP or AMD/ATI, just wanna see that fellow coders are made aware of good kit). But I feel that this news from AMD might make a difference to people's purchasing decisions (provided AMD actually deliver).

Now back to your usual programme ...

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