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General Development Recently, Free Pascal (FPC) version 2.2.0 was released. This open source Pascal compiler has - since its initial release in 1993 - grown to be one of the most sophisticated open source compilers available today. Daily, more programmers discover FPC and develop their applications in Object Pascal. Specifically, the development of Lazarus has contributed to this phenomenon: Lazarus is a graphical open source IDE for FPC, with an extensive tool kit to design graphical (GUI) applications.
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RE: Total bunk
by the_trapper on Tue 11th Sep 2007 04:27 UTC in reply to "Total bunk"
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The "IDE" that the article refers too is about as close to an "IDE" as notepad. What a bunch of misleading garbage. I read the article thinking dang man they must have something like Netbeans or Eclipse and what do you get instead, a friggin DOS based piece of crap that looks like the same friggin 386 compiler I used back in 1993 for ADA.

Hi, the included IDE is actually not as bad as you make it sound. It is a clone of Borland Turbo Pascal's IDE for DOS.

However, the IDE that was talked about in the article that can do RAD is called "Lazarus" and you can find it at

Lazarus really is a good IDE if you've used something like Delphi or the early versions of VB. It's very comparable to those. It also can do cross platform applications just like stated in the article, it really is just a simple recompile away from another platform. I'm just not a huge fan of Pascal, but if I was I'd definitely be all about Free Pascal/Lazarus, the speed of the compiler is just absolutely amazing after having used hello-world-in-c++-takes-five-seconds-to-compile-on-a-dual-core
GCC. Not that it is a fair comparison since C++ is a very difficult language to compile.

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