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AMD "This morning at the X Developer Summit in the United Kingdom, Matthew Tippett and John Bridgman of AMD have announced that they will be releasing their ATI GPU specifications without any Non-Disclosure Agreements needed by the developers! In other words, their GPU specifications will be given to developers in the open. Therefore you shouldn't need to worry about another R200 incident taking place. The 2D specifications will be released very soon and the 3D ones will follow shortly."
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by kaiwai on Tue 11th Sep 2007 04:46 UTC in reply to "s/amd/ati/"
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You accidentally put AMD in there where you should have put ATI.

True, but at the same time AMD has done little to distance itself from former ATI decisions - no speech to announce a change in management.

Used to be different companies, with different priorities and different strategies. ATI wasn't aiming for making CPU+GPU chips. AMD is. AMD has far more reason for releasing specs than ATI ever had. I'm not saying we're now guaranteed the perfect Free hardware treat, but don't confuse ATI's stupidity with AMD's management. Two different beasts.

But at the same time - I ask, where is the source, the documentation? where is the website for all this to occur? where is the announcement on Xorg for collaboration. Look at what Intel did and compare it to AMD.

I know I'm sounding jaded and bitter but I can't stand companies who promise and fail to deliver, then fanboys coming out making all sorts of excuses as to why management at the company doesn't show an ounce of leadership.

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