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In the News It does not happen every day that news related to computer technology - news we report on every day - makes its way to the headline news programs and newspapers here in my home country, The Netherlands. So when it does, I am usually on the edge of my seat, simply because it offers an interesting glimpse into how 'normal' people perceive our little world. The last few days, however, that casual interest has made way for something else - tooth gnashing irritation.
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"Back in my ancient University days I was fascinated by Koestler, while today Michael Behe sits on the shelf. The idea that you can't always get there with incremental-improvements-always-forward is Deeply Strategic."

And anybody who gets their evolution wisdom from Michael Behe is getting misled. I wouldn't trust yours -- or his -- ideas about OS development any more than his (utterly bogus) ideas on biological development.

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