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In the News It does not happen every day that news related to computer technology - news we report on every day - makes its way to the headline news programs and newspapers here in my home country, The Netherlands. So when it does, I am usually on the edge of my seat, simply because it offers an interesting glimpse into how 'normal' people perceive our little world. The last few days, however, that casual interest has made way for something else - tooth gnashing irritation.
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But the Eigen's Error-Catastrophe which Paul Davies muses on in "Fifth Miracle" invites philosophizing - without that mysterious DNA-self-repair-or-checksumming the genome would degenerate hurriedly, in other words the human genome is already too complex to be stable against random mutations without the self-repair - how does DNA-self-repair know the beneficial mutations it should tolerate ?

Although it would be a major derail to delve into that topic here, I'm sure that other forums, such as

could give you all the answer you need on that one.

But back to OS development, parallels with biological evolution are probably greater than you suspect with the incremental change model -- and that doesn't even preclude adopting major, revolutionary ideas: that's no different in principle than the bacterial sharing of genomic information. The incremental vs major redesign issues aren't mutually incompatible either.

What's important, with respect to the posted article -- compatibility -- has less to do with the development method, and more to do with development goals.

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