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X11, Window Managers "For the next round of Linux Releases (Ubuntu Gutsy, Fedora 8, OpenSuse 10.3, Mandriva 2008, etc.) Compiz Fusion should be installed by default in those releases and with the release date looming not far ahead the time is ripe to give you a preview of what to expect from the latest Compiz Fusion."
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by cyclops on Tue 11th Sep 2007 19:06 UTC in reply to "ATI?"
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"Does someone uses compiz with ATI cards?

I have a Radeon 9XXX and have tried it from time to time with live-CDs. Mostly it works quite good but resizing windows is extremely slow and totem has problems displaying videos (especially if i move the window).

Does someone has the same problems? Is it a ATI-driver problem or a compiz problem? Can i expect that the problems are solved with the new and compiz versions?"

This should be question made on irc/distro forum not on OS news.

If you are referring to the FOSS drivers then you will be disappointed. The 7.3 release does not contain new drivers to replace the 6.6.3 drivers released 11 months ago. The unstable 6.7.192 which contains features than are simply not available in the the earlier diver allowing smooth play of all my games without dropping in FPS, and solving the occasional niggle with those drivers had like missing textures in spring etc, but these are simply not stable. I personally suffer random hard-locks which I have never experienced with anything else on GNU. So have reverted to the earlier drivers much to my disappointment.

I suspect with AMD's announcement with the R300 chipsets specifications being released *after* everything else, and the excitement surrounding. I suspect that waiting for a stable R300 more feature-rich driver is going to a while.

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