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In the News It does not happen every day that news related to computer technology - news we report on every day - makes its way to the headline news programs and newspapers here in my home country, The Netherlands. So when it does, I am usually on the edge of my seat, simply because it offers an interesting glimpse into how 'normal' people perceive our little world. The last few days, however, that casual interest has made way for something else - tooth gnashing irritation.
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RE[3]: My own experience...
by jabbotts on Tue 11th Sep 2007 19:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: My own experience..."
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You sudgest examples which makes your comment valid.

No one outside of the Zealot minority says to not use Windows or a closed source program when that is the only solution to your problem. I was simply asking for the examples the initial post felt made Linux inappropriate. Heck, Mr. Stallman recommends using closed source when no other solution is available though only until one becomes available.

Too you, I'd ask; are you looking for specific functions or specific brand names of software? Some functions are only offered by specialized software such as Adobe and for the minority of users who can truly use Photoshop's advanced features the decision is either Windows or osX. My education used VB and VC++ and ColdFusion as programming training aids so until recently picking up PHP my decision was limited to Studio.NET if I wanted to code anything.

(oh damn is PHP slick, it's like discovering ColdFusion all over again but with more power)

In reality, there are far fewer instances where a function on one OS platform is not at all available on another software platform. Heck, I could do what I do with my prefered Linux distro on Windows or osX but in both the later cases, it wouldn't be nearly as easy to setup or constomize to my needs.

Business software is no different from any other software applications. Of course, if you choose Exchange Server then MS broken standards make a series of decisions for you resulting from that one groupware product (requires winServer, requires AD, requires Outlook which forces winWorkstation.. and such is the lock-in business strategy built.)

Mind you, something like eGroupware does 95% of what Exchange Server does plus a bunch of stuff it doesn't do and you can pick from five or more client programs that work seamlessly with it or just use a browser like most big busines apps are doing these days. Oh, and it runs on a *nix back end so you get the added efficiency and security. It's PHP based though so you could possibly install it over a winServer/IIS combo but that's like putting an Tuxedo on a steaming turd.

Cheers for the response though, I asked in my original post too get examples so you've added to the conversation.

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