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OSNews, Generic OSes An open-source alternative, Beagle provides fast indexing and searching of all your files. Kevin of the content development team has used it, abused it and reviewed it.
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RE: beagle / kat
by segedunum on Sat 3rd Sep 2005 22:57 UTC in reply to "beagle / kat"
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Seriously. Beagle has its problems, but it's actually a useful and well-designed search tool. kat is the single worst designed (from an interface point of view)

Well yer. They've got a rough and ready, not great, front-end to test it, but Kat is not a user interface, is it? It's an underlying framework. Kat itself is not simply a user interface.

The link to the blog you've posted (well, it's you) is written by someone who hasn't the first clue what Kat actually is, because he is posting screenshots and whinging about them. That isn't what Kat is. This person is also ranting and squirming that Mandriva is using what he perceives to be a KDE technology. He then wanders off talking about Gnome philosophy.....yada, yada, yada, and so on and so forth.

"Number three is that it’s a bad idea on principle to practically make it compulsory to have a flabby, non-essential application on everyone’s desktop - even users who obviously want a fast, thin setup, like people who install fluxbox or something."

Well, what do you think Beagle is? It's pink unicorn time again. Would Beagle installed by default be a bad thing I wonder?

And going by the number of bug reports its inclusion in recent Mandriva betas has caused, I'd hardly call it stable.

Wow. A totally brand, spanking new piece of software (or indeed, any piece of software) generating bug reports. Who would have thought that?! It's going to be installed on Mandriva 2006, and uhmm, it isn't 2006 yet.

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