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Hardware, Embedded Systems Unicap has an article on the Asus EeePC. "In spring 2007, Asus announced the EeePC, a low cost, small sized mobile computer, which is expected to be available to the public in October 2007. The system is equiped with a 900 Mhz ultra low power Intel CPU, a 7'' LCD monitor, 512 MBytes of RAM and uses flash memory as permanent storage. On the software side, the system comes with a custom version of Xandros Linux preinstalled."
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Haiku is so going on one of these!
by leavengood on Thu 13th Sep 2007 03:12 UTC
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Haiku should boot in 8-10 seconds on this puppy. I may have to get one (if I can, I bet these will sell like Wiis, aka hotcakes.) The current 80 MB "distro size" of Haiku would leave plenty of room for other stuff. Of course Haiku still has some work before it is usable day to day.

But I can't believe Xandros was taking up 2.7 GB! I'm sure they could slim that down. You'd think they would use one of the slimmer distros. Oh well.

It definitely should make a nice ultra portable system for when you are out and about.

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